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This is not going to be your typical casino listing. What we want is to do something a little different in our explanation. What you will find are some lesser-known facts about some of the top online casino contenders in New Zealand.

Captain Spins

Let’s talk about the pay lines for Captain Spins. The pay line is where a player can make a profit if he or she has the right amount of combination symbols all lining up. We know that sounds simple, but it can be rather complicated if the player does not have the right amount of symbols. With us so far? The more pay lines you use in Captain Spins, the better your odds are at winning big. We know that some of you are going to find this obvious. However, some players tend to keep things low risk. That is fine for them because some people are not suited for the larger volatility risk with Captain Spins. However, you could be leaving some big money on the table by playing it too safe. More players should bet as many lines as they can. Say, for example, that you use 25 lines. What happens when the profit lands on a combination listed on a line you did not choose? That means you miss the profit, and that can add up. The goal is to use as many lines as possible to come up with the winning combination of symbols. Once again, we know many of you know this, but there are a few who glaze over this equation. The reason (we think) is that they want to play it safe. Playing it too safe can cost you as well. Something to think about the next time you play Captain Spins.

Casigo Casino

Let’s talk about the zigzag versus linear debate. Not all lines are going to look like lines. Some of you might be scratching your head over that now. Allow us to explain. The lines go from left and right to straight (zigzag). The reel will show you which line goes with the slot. Now the profit lines can go everywhere from horizontal and vertical to diagonal. This is the reason we tell you to activate as many lines as you can when playing Casigo Casino. Some of the slots in the Casigo Casino are customized while others are fixed. Most of the pay lines in Casigo will go left to right. Now, there are exceptions to the rules. The winning payout could come to no matter which direction you see it go. That is why we encourage players to look at everything from the lines and tables to the winning combinations. You can also find more profit with the free spins, which Casigo has an abundance of. Remember that it all comes down to the slot you play with Casigo Casino. Players should also remember the casino offers more than a 97% payout ratio. That will also better your chances of winning.

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Jonny Jackpot

We talked about this casino in the last segment. Today we are going to offer some tips on playing the slots (as we did for the other two casinos above). Free spins equal more money. Sounds simple, we know. We do need to elaborate on this so players understand why we mention this. Most of the time, you will see free spins develop as you hit the right scatter symbols in front of you. Some slots in Jonny Jackpot are going to offer multipliers with the free spins. Now, these will take your game to the next level. Multipliers are going to increase your chances of winning more. These multipliers are going to vary for every game. Players should not expect the same thing for every game with Jonny Jackpot. That is why you should look over the variances before picking a game. Since Jonny has a payout ratio of more than 97%, your goal should be to pick the slot machine that has the lowest house edge. That way you stand a better shot at winning some decent cash.

SkyCity Online Casino

Let’s talk about the free spins with SkyCity Casino. Free spins can become triggered, but not for the reason most players assume. This option allows you to get more free spin rounds during a free spin. The idea is to find the winning combination of symbols during the free spin round. That is going to open the doors to more free spin rounds. That also means you do not have to deposit anything to do this. The free spin will arrive without you having to do anything. Normally, you might have to deposit something extra to get a free spin round. That does not happen here. The best way to make sure this happens is to choose a game that offers this function. it is not hard to see the function bottom. Make sure you opt for this when choosing your casino slot game. That way you can proceed without having to do any extra work.

Some Interesting Facts About These Four Casinos You Might Not Know

1) The online record for these casino slot games has been recorded at 17 million NZD.

2) The slots must pay at least 70% of the total investment you make. That is where the RTP (Return To Player) ratio comes into play. This is based on how much the player stakes for any game. That is why you see RTP rates as high as 97%.

3) Playing poker online at Jonny Jackpot or SkyCity Casino can become very lucrative for players. That is why you hear about some quitting their jobs to concentrate on playing poker or other online games full-time. Now, we do not recommend that you go and quit your job right now. Players should get their ducks in a row before making this move. You have to make enough money online through these casinos to make it worthwhile. All we are saying is that it can be done.