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Are you thinking of gathering a team of professionals in order to develop a project for the opening of an online casino platform? Are you just curious about what kinds of skills, backgrounds, knowledge, training, roles and people are essential to have within an iGaming business team?

Look no further. At BitB Games we have compiled a guide that leads you through what you need to know about how to create, maintain and leverage a successful online casino team.

Building the team behind an online casino

To start an online casino team from scratch you can build it in-house, resort to outsourcing, or opting for some combination of the two. In fact, there is not a panacea-type solution. It all depends on the business goals and the intended method of working.

A full in-house operation grants a much higher level of control, but requires you to invest on staff, technology, office space and infrastructures.

On the other hand, outsourcing, whether entirely or just in part, can be a good way to upgrade your own efforts. But sometimes you will feel the need to be more on top of things and gather an internal team.

Whichever path you take, these are the professional areas that absolutely must be filled from the very beginning of the project:

Business development, website operations, project management, business analytics, software development, finance, marketing, customer service and engagement, laws and compliance, fraud control, user interface design and experience, art direction and quality assurance.

Keep in mind that the roles you need to fill must include, but are not limited to the aforementioned areas. Some other roles may be necessary to lift your particular project off the ground and lead it in the right direction.

How to build the team in-house

Curiously enough, your in-house team should start out as small as possible. For products and services that you don’t have the need to reinvent or adjust, opt for third-party solutions.

Over time, the main departments that you should equip with more human resources are software development and engineering, business analytics, marketing, and customer service and engagement.

Logically, a business team is not complete without filling the key managerial positions. A Director/CEO, a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and a Head of Operations are very much essential. They should be the ones in charge of exercising leadership over the business development, software, and marketing departments.

Most of the time, it is more beneficial to hire staff with experience in iGaming-related jobs. But if the industry is underdeveloped in your country or area, the Director must be able to efficiently train talented people from outside sectors. They can bring in tons of expertise, innovative ideas and versatile skills.