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SkyCity is a great virtual casino that is constantly adding game titles to its already enormous collection and what is already an award-winning casino. They have well over 1000 different game titles to choose from in their library. The titles include games like blackjack, roulette, and everyone’s favourite – pokies. Their slot collection is the envy of other new virtual casinos and they are constantly adding new titles to the collection. Some of the newest titles include Book of Gods, Kingmaker, Mighty Arthur, and also Vikings Go To Hell. These cutting edge games showcase all the newest software in the online slots industry and offer you plenty of opportunities to win some big money. By taking a closer look at these games we will see what sets them apart from all the thousands of other older games already on the market that you may already be familiar with.

Brand New Game Reviews:

Book of Gods

This amazing retake on the old Book of Ra slot game is a wonderful addition to Big Time Gaming’s collection of title releases. It is jam-packed with some awesome features and has a maximum payout of 4,860 times your staked bet amount, which itself can be anywhere from 0.10 to €40. Fortunately for you, this means that the maximum payout is a massive amount of money and with the many special features in this wonderful game the chances we have of striking it rich are large. Plus, it has 243 payout lines and the game itself sports an RTG of 96.35%. The unique features in the Book of Gods’ game include an unlimited re-triggerable free spin bonus round, cloning symbols to fill reels, and a feature drop option. First, the scatter and wild symbol is the same thing, the book symbol. Hitting 3, 4, or 5 of them pays out a whopping 5, 10, or 30 times your bet respectively. Plus, landing on that many scatter symbols will also trigger the free spins bonus round with either 15, 20, of 25 free spins respective to the number of symbols you landed on. The amazing part of the whole thing is that you can retrigger free spin rounds while already in a free spin round. This means that you could potentially have an unlimited number of free spins just keep on adding up and going on and on while piling up all the winnings into your bankroll. Before every spin, the book of gods next to the reels picks a symbol at random. If this symbol ends up being part of a winning line then the symbol clones itself to fill the entire reel it is on and the winning lines are recounted with the additional changed symbols. When in the normal game mode these cloning symbols will be one of the 9 through ace symbols, but during the free spin bonus round it will be one the four higher-paying gods symbols and will lock in place for the remainder of the round. The locked-in symbols can continue until you have all four of the gods’ symbols locked in place for huge winning payouts spin after the spin of the one remaining reel. Finally, there is a feature drop option. This makes it possible for you to simply buy your way into the free spin bonus round instead of needing to trigger it by landing three or more scatter symbols in a paying line. The price of buying your way in will also drop by half of your bet amount for every coin symbol you land on as well. So, eventually, it can become very economical to just buy your way into another free spin round and add up all those extra winnings to refill or expand your bankroll. The graphics are great, and the Egyptian theme is appealing and easy on the eyes. With a soft background of the pyramids under a blue sky with puffy white clouds and two white pillars, one of either side of the reels is a simple yet attractive design layout. Also, the user interface is amazingly easy to figure out and quite intuitive as well. You will soon understand every aspect and options. Then you will be spinning away at the reels in no time.

King Maker

King Maker is another great release from Big Time Gaming studios that operates from their original Megaways system design. This means that the five reels can have anywhere from two large symbol rows to seven small symbol rows changing in the amount at random. You win by matching three or more of the same 9 through ace symbols or any of the four gem symbols in a row from left to right. There are even 16,807 payout lines for you to win all of which are included in games bonus free spin round. While you can bet anywhere from 0.20 to €20 The games highest paying symbols are the four coloured gem symbols. Starting with the green snake symbol, followed by the blue griffin, the red minotaur, and ending with the maximum winning purple dragon. The highest paying symbol, however, is the scatter symbol which is a golden crown. When you land on 3, 4, or 5 of the crowns you will win a payout of 4, 20, or 250 times your staked bet amount and will also trigger the free spins bonus round with 7, 12, or 20 free spins respectively. The free spins round is where the game takes off and gets exciting. But, you do not want to trigger it too soon into your gaming session. This is because the multipliers for the winning symbol combinations build up during regular gameplay, increasing by 1x every time you land on 3 or more of one of the four coloured gem symbols. These are shown on the relating coloured banners to the left of the reels display block. The multipliers can add up endlessly, so the longer you go between bonus rounds the higher the multiplier will have built up with all your winning combination spins. This can be frustrating but also nail-bitingly exciting at the same time because while you do not want to hit the bonus round too soon, you still want to trigger it before you blow your gaming budget for that session and have to stop. It can be tempting to continue on and on building up your multipliers to huge levels before triggering the free spin bonus round and getting to see the benefits of all that time and money invested. As with many other BTG studio’s games, you can retrigger an endless stream of bonus spins by landing scatter symbols combinations during one of your free spins. This can mean huge wins once you finally land on the winning combination of golden crown scatter symbols. But some multicoloured wilds symbols can stand for anything but the scatter symbols to make up winning combinations in any of the thousands of pay lines. The visual design of the game is soft yet appealing with a medieval feel and a castle sitting high up in snow-covered mountains for a background. The symbols are done as stained-glass windows so you can see the background through the reels as you spin and land on the semi see-through gemstones and wilds symbols. It is rather easy on the eye design that appeals to many players who are invested in long extended gaming sessions. No matter how long you plan on investing in hitting that coveted free spins bonus round, you will find this game a wonderful option for spending a gaming session playing on it with any device. This is because it has been formatted to allow for full game function access on Android, iOS, PC, or any other device platform you may want to access the game on.

new online slot games - SkyCity's New Game Reviews

Mighty Arthur

Another medieval-themed game design that is a trendsetter of a new game title from Quickspin studios which follows along on a quest full of adventure with King Arthur and Merlin. It offers a large betting range of €0.20 to an amazingly high €100. This means it is a wonderful choice for those high roller slot players to hit some big wins of 5x to 50x on the regular winning combinations. Also, the game is set up with 5 reels that have a simple 20 pay lines to win with and an RTP of 96.94% plus a max jackpot win of 150 coins. The distinctive features of this game start with a wide range of wild symbols and other paying symbols as well. These start with Queen Guinevere, King Arthur, Arthur expanding wild, normal wilds, Merlin expanding wild, bonus scatter, and then the typical playing cards symbols going from 10 through ace. The highest paying symbols are the normal purple wild symbol and the Queen, five of which pay 15x your bet amount. While this may seem low, the tendency to hit these winning combinations is high. So, this means while you may not hit those huge winning spins you will hit many more smaller winning spins with this game. The wild symbol features start with Arthur’s expanding wild symbol which only ever appears on reel 3. Once you do land one of these symbols in the field, however, it expands to fill reels 2, 3, and 4 as well then your winning lines are recalculated and payouts get added to your bankroll. Then comes the Merlin expanding symbol. When you land on Merlin anywhere in the field of play he will expand from 2x up to 6x and randomly replace that number of symbols in the field and your winnings get recalculated afterwards. Oh, and did we mention that both symbols stand 3 symbols tall within the reels. So, 6x Merlin symbols take up the space of 18 regular symbols on the reel and make for some mighty winning combination possibilities in the limited 20 possible paying lines. The free spins bonus round gets triggered when you land on 3 or more of the scatter symbols and brings you to a new screen where you are set to try and remove Excalibur from its stone resting place. You only get 10 free spins, with no chance to retrigger more bonus free spin rounds during the round itself. This means the free spins bonus is a little underwhelming but still fun, nonetheless. The theme of King Arthur has been done many times, but this one is one of the better models of this design theme. It has a golden colour scheme that is attractive and helps to easily hold your eye while you wait to see what winning combination you are going to land on in that next spin, one after another.

Vikings Go to Hell

The third in the series of Vikings Go slots games from Yggdrasil Studios, this is an adult game for experienced slot players to enjoy. While it has a fairly simple 4 row by 5-reel design and 25 pay lines, you may still find it a difficult game to grasp. This is because of the setup of bonus features within and how they get each gets triggered. There are four Vikings on your side who start at the gates of hell fighting the demon called Lord of Chains. This is the first demon boss and if you manage to defeat him by landing 3 hits then you move on to level 2 which is Lucifer. It can be difficult to grasp all the nuances and aspects of the many different free spins bonus rounds. If you land on 2 or more free spin symbols then you trigger at least one free spin, the more the symbols the more the free spins up to a maximum 15 free spins in one round. After landing on free spins and each subsequent free spin your Vikings will each fight demons. This means that every single Viking symbol will have a chance at winning against their demon and becoming a sticky wild for the rest of the free spin bonus round. This can become quite intense when you have many Viking symbols suddenly fighting for their chance to become a sticky wild and there is suddenly a lot of action happening on screen as they battle it out. Another free spin bonus round is triggered by receiving 100 rage points in any one or on all four of the Viking’s berserker meters on the left-hand side of the playing field. These points add up as the Vikings battle and every time that colour Viking wins their fight, they add one rage point to the berserker meter corresponding to that Viking. When 100 points are reached then the berserker free spin bonus round is triggered and you receive 7 free spins where that Viking will never lose a battle against a demon and will continue to pile up as sticky wilds for the remainder of the berserker free spin bonus round. You can also be in berserker mode during level 1, Lord of Chains, and level 2, Lucifer, bonus free spin rounds where you have 7 spins to defeat the boss character. When triggered you get transported down one more level deeper into hell where every Viking symbol battles against a demon just like regular free spin rounds but this time one of the symbols is chosen at random to fight against the boss demon. If they win, then not only do they become a sticky wild but they also take one of the three hit points off of the boss’ health meter. If you manage to score all 3 hits and defeat the Lord of Chains then you descend one more level deeper into hell to battle Lucifer in level 2 of free spins bonus rounds and get 7 more free spins to try and defeat this boss demon for a prize of a 3x multiplier for all of your bonus round winnings. This can end up proving to be very lucrative and can win you some major payouts at the end of it all, depending on how well you do and how many wins you end up getting for sticky wilds they add up through all seven free spins. This game leaves you feeling excited, although, and sometimes it may even become a bit overwhelming just because there is so much happening at once to pay attention to. In the end, it makes a great cap to the Yggdrasil trilogy series for Vikings Go created and released by the Quickspin Studio’s game designers.

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