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Although casinos are fixed to the current 6 active physical casinos in New Zealand, there is nothing that restricts bars and hotels from having slot machines (Pokies) Outside of the physical casinos, it is estimated that New Zealand’s bars and hotels operate some 26,000 or so pokies. And unless given special license by the government, by law pokies are limited to a maximum of 9 per establishment, so there is no danger that anyone will sneak in a strict pokie-only casino. It is estimated that 40 per cent of adult New Zealanders regularly play the pokies or participate in the national lottery. And this isn’t such a bad thing for the reason that the vast majority of pokies are operated by local charitable trusts who pay a percentage of the profits to the venue but by law a minimum of 37.5 per cent of all revenues back to the community. And the vast majority of charitable organizations donate far more than the required 37.5 per cent. It is estimated that each year, charitable pokies return upwards of $200 million Bew Zealand dollars to the community. And New Zealand handles pokies responsibly. A limit can be enforced on the number of pokies in an area and to discourage problem gambling, pokies are limited to accepting $20 at a time. In short, New Zealand’s pokies work great as both an entertainment venue and a supporter of the community.

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How much do pokies return to players?

Actually, this information is hard to find as a Guide to Pokies in New Zealand will attest to. While you can find out everything about what it takes as a charitable trust to get a pokie license and how much the organization will be required to give back to the community, as well as the maximum amount of contribution a charity can payout to a bar, pub or hotel (16 per cent per year) there is zero information about return to player rates. In many places such as Las Vegas, the state makes available regular statistics on return to player. On average, according to the American Casino Guide, Las Vegas pokies return close to 92 per cent payback. Unfortunately, this information is not available for New Zealand pokies, All we know is that the payout, by law, must be 84 per cent return to the player. It is a safe bet, statistically that the vast majority of physical pokies return just that amount required by law, no more. After all, where is the incentive to pay out more? Since the charitable trust’s view pokes as a way to get funds for their charity, where is the advantage of paying out 90-95 per cent return to player. After all, with winds being so sporadic anyway, if a machine pays out 92 per cent rather than 84 per cent, it’s not as if they will suddenly get a new influx of players. Therefore, outside of the occasional run to one of the 6 casinos in New Zealand, the vast majority of gamblers in New Zealand elect to play pokies online. Online casinos are very competitive not only to one another but also to physical casinos, and the average Return to Player is 93 per cent overall at most online casinos. Besides, pokies in New Zealand have a relatively low rate of $5 per play max while online casinos do not have those restrictions. It, therefore, makes perfect sense that because of the competitive nature of attracting and keeping online games that the best of the best will show up online and not in the pokie at your local pub. Also, keep in mind that online casinos have another competitive advantage. If a slot machine shows up online, while it takes great software to make it, once that is done, the slot is virtually maintenance-free. The random process generators that determine the winners and losers can go on for years and years. With a physical slot machine, however, there is a great deal of expense in maintaining the machine.

New slot machines of 2020

Online slots are extremely competitive, and online slot casinos will offer a mix of the most popular games such as Reactoonz, Book of Dead, Mega Moolah or Gonzo’s Quest as well as featuring the latest and the greatest. Here our favourite new games for 2020:

#1, Monopoly Electric Wins

#2. Zodiac Lion

#3. Dragon’s Law Seleccion

#4. Vault

#5. Super Lit Vega

6. Happy 8’s

Trust us, these are some of the hottest games going right now but stay tuned, it seems like a new and improved winner is coming along every month. Tried them all but they aren’t to your liking? Alternatively, consider Pink Elephants 2, Charlie Chance Hell to Play, Rice and Morty, Dragon Maiden or John Hunter and the Book of Tut. These are also great games that came out in 2020.