Top Tips on How to Beat the Odds at a Casino

Unless you have a lot of money to blow or you enjoy gambling, the odds are not often in your favour when playing at a casino. However, there are some ways that you can improve your chances of winning. In this blog post, we will share some top tips on how to beat the odds at a casino.

Set a budget and stick to it

The best way to keep a budget is to put all your money in a separate account and then track what you spend. Set up an automatic transfer from your everyday account to your gambling account once a week — or whatever the maximum amount you’re willing to spend is. Keep track of how much you have left in your gambling account and then once you’ve spent all your money, stop gambling and move the remaining funds back into your everyday account.

If you’re looking to beat the odds at a casino, one of the best things you can do is set a budget and stick to it. That way, you’ll know exactly how much money you have to work with and won’t overspend. Once your budget is set, be sure to stick to it by avoiding side bets and difficult games with a low probability of winnings. Instead, focus on playing simple games that give you a higher chance of success.

Being selective with the games you play can save you from wasting your money if you tend to get easily distracted. If you get caught up in the excitement, decide in advance how much time you’ll spend playing a single game or at the casino as a whole.

Playing while intoxicated is never a good idea, but it can be especially risky in a casino. You’ll be more likely to lose your inhibitions, gamble recklessly and give in to instincts that lead to poorer decisions.

Don’t play games with a high-house edge

There are all sorts of games you can find at a casino, and the house always has an edge on each one. But some casino games have a much higher house edge than others. If you’re looking to beat the odds at a casino, it’s important to stay away from these high-house-edge games. Games like slots and roulette have some of the highest house edges around, so avoid playing them if you want to give yourself a better chance of winning.

The house edge is an important statistic to keep in mind. Every game has a different house edge, but the lower this number is, the harder it is to win. Sure, the casino may be making money in the long run by having a higher house edge on its games, but you can use that to your advantage by avoiding high-house-edge games and sticking with those where the odds are in your favour.

Win big at a online casino - Top Tips on How to Beat the Odds at a Casino

Games with the highest house edges

Slot machines are very popular games at casinos. Their high variance, in combination with low payout percentages, makes them a game favoured by casinos — and not by players. If a game has a 99 percent payback percentage, then an hour of play will only result in about 20 cents in total winnings for every dollar bet. Players can only expect to lose about 80 cents for every dollar bet over the long haul, on average.

Before you head to the casino, be sure to know how to compare the different odds, so you can find games with the best odds. Of course, if you want, you can always stick to playing games like slots or video poker, which have the highest house edge of all. But if you’re looking for the best odds, these are the games you’ll want to avoid.

Find the best promotions and take advantage of them

Most people think that casinos are all about winning big and taking home lots of money. However, the truth is that the vast majority of people who visit casinos end up losing money. The casino always has an edge, and there’s no guaranteed way to beat the odds. However, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of winning.

First, find out what promotions are available and take advantage of them. Many casinos offer food and drink specials, hotel discounts, or even free play for new members. Next, make sure to take advantage of the comps program. The more play you get, the better.

If you are feeling a bit too conservative and don’t want to risk losing your bankroll, head over to the practice tables first. A lot of casinos offer them free of charge. Practice games will help you get acquainted with the game and the rules. Once you are ready to step up your game, learn a little bit about strategy.

Take breaks, so you don’t get too caught up in the gambling

If you’re looking to score big at the casino, there are some key things to keep in mind. For starters, make sure to take breaks so you don’t get too caught up in gambling. Secondly, always know your limits and stick to them – chasing losses is a surefire way to end up in the red. Finally, remember that the house always has an edge, so don’t expect to win every time. If you can keep these things in mind, you’ll be well on your way to racking up some serious winnings.

great online casinos 840x385 - The Best New Online Casinos in New Zealand

This is not going to be your typical casino listing. What we want is to do something a little different in our explanation. What you will find are some lesser-known facts about some of the top online casino contenders in New Zealand.

Captain Spins

Let’s talk about the pay lines for Captain Spins. The pay line is where a player can make a profit if he or she has the right amount of combination symbols all lining up. We know that sounds simple, but it can be rather complicated if the player does not have the right amount of symbols. With us so far? The more pay lines you use in Captain Spins, the better your odds are at winning big. We know that some of you are going to find this obvious. However, some players tend to keep things low risk. That is fine for them because some people are not suited for the larger volatility risk with Captain Spins. However, you could be leaving some big money on the table by playing it too safe. More players should bet as many lines as they can. Say, for example, that you use 25 lines. What happens when the profit lands on a combination listed on a line you did not choose? That means you miss the profit, and that can add up. The goal is to use as many lines as possible to come up with the winning combination of symbols. Once again, we know many of you know this, but there are a few who glaze over this equation. The reason (we think) is that they want to play it safe. Playing it too safe can cost you as well. Something to think about the next time you play Captain Spins.

Casigo Casino

Let’s talk about the zigzag versus linear debate. Not all lines are going to look like lines. Some of you might be scratching your head over that now. Allow us to explain. The lines go from left and right to straight (zigzag). The reel will show you which line goes with the slot. Now the profit lines can go everywhere from horizontal and vertical to diagonal. This is the reason we tell you to activate as many lines as you can when playing Casigo Casino. Some of the slots in the Casigo Casino are customized while others are fixed. Most of the pay lines in Casigo will go left to right. Now, there are exceptions to the rules. The winning payout could come to no matter which direction you see it go. That is why we encourage players to look at everything from the lines and tables to the winning combinations. You can also find more profit with the free spins, which Casigo has an abundance of. Remember that it all comes down to the slot you play with Casigo Casino. Players should also remember the casino offers more than a 97% payout ratio. That will also better your chances of winning.

Postimage The 2 Best Games to Play in a Casino Video poker - The Best New Online Casinos in New Zealand

Jonny Jackpot

We talked about this casino in the last segment. Today we are going to offer some tips on playing the slots (as we did for the other two casinos above). Free spins equal more money. Sounds simple, we know. We do need to elaborate on this so players understand why we mention this. Most of the time, you will see free spins develop as you hit the right scatter symbols in front of you. Some slots in Jonny Jackpot are going to offer multipliers with the free spins. Now, these will take your game to the next level. Multipliers are going to increase your chances of winning more. These multipliers are going to vary for every game. Players should not expect the same thing for every game with Jonny Jackpot. That is why you should look over the variances before picking a game. Since Jonny has a payout ratio of more than 97%, your goal should be to pick the slot machine that has the lowest house edge. That way you stand a better shot at winning some decent cash.

SkyCity Online Casino

Let’s talk about the free spins with SkyCity Casino. Free spins can become triggered, but not for the reason most players assume. This option allows you to get more free spin rounds during a free spin. The idea is to find the winning combination of symbols during the free spin round. That is going to open the doors to more free spin rounds. That also means you do not have to deposit anything to do this. The free spin will arrive without you having to do anything. Normally, you might have to deposit something extra to get a free spin round. That does not happen here. The best way to make sure this happens is to choose a game that offers this function. it is not hard to see the function bottom. Make sure you opt for this when choosing your casino slot game. That way you can proceed without having to do any extra work.

Some Interesting Facts About These Four Casinos You Might Not Know

1) The online record for these casino slot games has been recorded at 17 million NZD.

2) The slots must pay at least 70% of the total investment you make. That is where the RTP (Return To Player) ratio comes into play. This is based on how much the player stakes for any game. That is why you see RTP rates as high as 97%.

3) Playing poker online at Jonny Jackpot or SkyCity Casino can become very lucrative for players. That is why you hear about some quitting their jobs to concentrate on playing poker or other online games full-time. Now, we do not recommend that you go and quit your job right now. Players should get their ducks in a row before making this move. You have to make enough money online through these casinos to make it worthwhile. All we are saying is that it can be done.

PopularGames 840x385 - The Most Popular Casino Games in New Zealand

People in New Zealand seem to be enjoying some enticing casino games available in their casinos. When playing, the aim is always to win. One way of winning in a casino game is finding the best game. A secret of finding the best game is looking at the game with the most players. Of course, a nice game will attract more players.

There are several casino games available in casinos of New Zealand. But what are the most popular games in these New Zealand casinos? Some decades ago, casinos provided players with only the live-playing opportunity. Now let’s see what the popular casino games in New Zealand are.


Blackjack has been around for quite a long time. Most players are very familiar with blackjack, which is why it is number one on our list. Blackjack has the most variations compared with other casino games. Blackjack is a game of strategy. You have to understand that this is a game of cards. Blackjack is played between a player and the dealer, and that is why it is between the house.

The dealer offers each player with two cards, and the dealer keeps two cards. One of the dealer’s cards faces down while the other face up. Skills are needed to make the right decisions. Be careful with the blackjack variation you are choosing, as it can be tricky for you. However, the interesting thing is that the game is not hard to understand. You can check some online charts as they are plenty. You will find some perfect blackjack strategies that you can use.


Roulette has also been around for a long time, making it one of the oldest. Being one of the oldest has not stopped roulette from being among the most popular casino games. An interesting part is that the game’s rules have not changed. Throughout time, roulette has transitioned a lot. It used to be classic slots, and now they are in online games.

The player wages through placing his chips on the table. At the table, there are 00 and 0-36. For red-black and even odd, there is an additional bet. Then the dealer has to spin the wheel helical. The ball is rolled anti-clockwise. On the wheel, there is a numbered slot, and the ball should land there.

This game also has some variations. There is also variation in the house edge as well. For instance, in European roulette, there is only one zero. If you are an online player, you will enjoy different variations as online roulette has the best in the industry.

Postimage 2 of the Most Awarded and High Rated Online Slot Machines Gonzos Quest - The Most Popular Casino Games in New Zealand


If you are a casino game lover, it will be hard to go past the slot. This has been the same with New Zealand casino players. You cannot find a casino in New Zealand without slots, and you will find many of them. Slots are very interesting, and they will offer exciting gameplay. They as well offer one of the best winning chances.

The fact that slots are very many in the casinos is advantageous as you can choose the best for you. They also have some exciting themes that attract players. These themes excite players and help them beat boredom. Slots have one of the best chances of bonuses and jackpots.

Even international casinos have become to target New Zealand casino players, especially for slots. Slots will provide exciting gaming experiences. Slots are easy to understand and play. If you are new in the casino games, you can choose slots, but choose the one you can win good cash.


Baccarat is yet another casino game that has been around for a long time. If you are new to baccarat, the game will give you ample time to learn it. It also has one of the best odds in the industry. These are among the reasons why baccarat is among the most popular casino games in New Zealand casinos.

In some way, baccarat is similar to blackjack. They both involve the calculation of card values. It also involves point total. However, the game is simpler than blackjack. This is because a player is given only one chance to bet before cards are dealt. Like other casino games, baccarat is provided with several variable rule formats. Being popular, baccarat is offered by several casinos in New Zealand, both live and online.


Casino games in New Zealand have been gaining much popularity in the local and international markets. The invention of online casinos has been of great benefit to the casinos as their games are gaining popularity internationally. This has been the trending case in New Zealand. The above games are the top popular casino games that you cannot miss in any casino in New Zealand.

slotmachines 840x385 - The Best Casinos in New Zealand

The development of online casino games has made it easy to play at the many online casino slots today, whether you play on your smartphone or tablet. Online casinos offer several games and other mobile-friendly features. The online mobile casino has made it possible for the users to take their gaming whenever they go; through this, they can accumulate small wins frequently, thus achieving profits. Moreover, online casinos allow people to play at odd hours, such as during leisure time, waiting for a train, while travelling or when in a queue. This increases your chances of winning due to frequent attempts, and make your work easier since you can play the slots using your mobile bill. In addition to these advantages of the online casino slots, there are open games and demos. Beginners can first use these free apps for gaming before they invest in real betting. The online casinos are rated based on game selections, welcome bonuses, modes of deposits and withdrawals, the security of the customers’ data.

Europa Casino

Europa casino slot is among the most trusted online casinos across the globe. It has always been the place to find top-tier online casino games. For both beginners and the experienced gamblers, Europa Casino offers the best online gambling experience. The presence of live dealer games and interactive TV Games distinguish Europa online casinos from other online casinos.

Europa has over 400 game selections on which are given at an offer. It guarantees every user is to have something to his liking. In terms of the slots, three real slots, packed 5-reel video slots, and progressive jackpots are among the features offered by Europa. Further, withdrawal of your winnings is faster as it takes 3-4 days.

The performance of Europa casino in terms of the security of the customers’ personal information is outstanding. This has offered it a higher position on the ladder of being among the best betting casinos

In addition to the online services, Europa has several selections for table games from Playtech, such as the double-action blackjack, 21 blackjacks due, and the blackjack pro.

Betway Online Casino

Betway has been recognized among the leading brands in the betting industry. The reliability, security, and a conducive environment for Betway give it an upper hand to be a leading multinational online company. The numerous bonuses in Betway are designed to appreciate the customers and provide them with a reason to bet with them.

The use of personal details like a national identification card, email addresses, or postal codes helps Betway to identify and keep the records of their users, thus adhering to the principles of gambling. Betway gives desirable fortunes, thus attracting a large number of players.

In terms of customers’ relations, the safety of their personal information is a guarantee. Once a user forgets their passwords, the processes of recovering the same well outlined.

Betway offers a variety of deposits ranging from MasterCard, PayPal, and credit cards, among others. This helps to suit the customers regardless of which location they are operating.

Postimage The 2 Best Games to Play in a Casino Video poker - The Best Casinos in New Zealand

Ruby Fortune Casino

It offers all its new members a welcome bonus. The bonus is basically to inform the new member that he is in the right place. Furthermore, it proves the authenticity and cares that Ruby has for its customers. Ruby has proved to be a helpful app with more than a 97% payout. It gives courses to users that, indeed, they are willing to do business. Once your bet with Ruby Fortune, you have higher chances of making wins.

The use of different types of currencies has helped Ruby Fortune to widen her market. With the use of dollars Pounds and Euros, it portrays an image of an international face. Customers hence have a chance to use any currency they feel comfortable with.

Additionally, Ruby has assured and developed a system that uses different types of international languages. The use of Chinese language, English, French and German among other languages attracts gamblers all over the world

Gamblers benefit from the over 450 casino games provided by Ruby Fortune. They can choose from the variety, and this serves to serve the interests of many customers

Ruby Fortune online casino is improved by a credible s, and popular gaming app called the called Micro gaming

Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City Casino has been recognized globally as a best-performing casino in the betting industry.

It has numerous and unique online slots for gaming. Jackpot City Casino possesses most of the enjoyed, searched, and played mobile casino games. This makes it a guarantee for a thrilling betting experience. The payouts strategies in this casino are fast, and policy adhering. Customers are therefore assured of their winnings after playing with actual money. Customers will hence need to bet with such a company.

Entertainment is enhanced by the presence of hundreds of games offered by Jackpot City Casino. Customers can access this casino using their tablets or phones and enjoy betting at any time and any place. Customers can earn favourable winning because of the numerous bets they place at odd hours.

The simplicity in the registration of this City Casino allows more potential customers to join. The over 500 gaming slots also offer a variety for the customers to choose from.


The betting industry has invested in online platforms where gamblers can access online services without considerably having to travel. The use of mobile phones, tablets, and other portable gadgets has attracted numerous users, thus benefiting both the online betting companies and players. The use of different languages and currencies has raised the usability and convenience of online casinos. This has served to increase and widen the market for these online services. Nevertheless, all online mobile casinos should combine to put measures that will keep off online fraudsters that take advantage of their customers. Furthermore, they should work out to reduce the payable days from 2, 3, and 4 to hours. They should also devise mechanisms that can be used to encourage responsible betting and discourage addictions.

SkyCity Online Casino Making Waves

Update for 2022

We first heard about SkyCity launching an online casino back in 2019. They managed to scoop the Best Online Casino in NZ award from in the first year of operation. The big question is whether or not SkyCity have managed to keep this momentum and hold their place as the best casino for Kiwi’s to play at online with hot competition coming from Casigo casino. SkyCity have a great bonus currently of 100% match up to $100  and 70 free spins that still brings them new players everyday.

SkyCity Online Casino

SkyCity online casino has gone from strength to strength since first entering the NZ online casino market. The casino did have some initial teething problems when it launched back in 2019 but most of these have been rectified.

In the time since SkyCity Malta launched their online casino offering they have changed the way in which Kiwis view online gambling completely. The professional approach taken by the team in Malta with regards to player protection and service has many other online casinos that offer services in New Zealand running scared.

skycity online casino bitb - SkyCity Online Casino (Update for 2022)- Making Waves in the NZ Online Casino Market

Signing Up at SkyCity Online casino in 2021

SkyCity launched with a very strict registration process that required customers to complete all their KYC (Know your Customer) checks upfront. This registration process is a little slower and far more invasive than its online casino competitors. SkyCity Online Casino have maintained this thorough onboarding process but have managed to improve their approval times with a team operating 24/7 verifying customer details. The reason SkyCity give for this strict process is that they take customer security and player protection seriously and want to ensure that customer are protected upfront. We go into this in a little more detail later in the article.

New customers to SkyCity can now also avail themselves of an additional no deposit bonus if they sign-up to SkyCity through This allows customers to receive 20 free spins on registration that they can play with whilst waiting for their account to be verified. This is an extremely generous top-up bonus and more than makes up for the slightly laborious registration process.

Pro Tip: To speed up the registration process use your drivers license as this speeds the authentication process up.

The SkyCity approach to online casinos

SkyCity are the first online casino we have come across in New Zealand that has proactively put player protection mechanisms in place to ensure that players that suffer from problem gambling get the support they need. This is accomplished through a stringent registration process where SkyCity ensure that every account is verified prior to allowing players to deposit or actively play any real money casino games.

This approach is completely different to that of other online casinos in New Zealand where KYC documents are often only requested when players withdraw from the casino for the first time. This is because most online casinos see KYC as a fraud prevention mechanism as opposed to a player protection mechanism.

This approach of putting the player first is followed through, throughout the online casino experience. The SkyCity welcome bonus is not some crazy $1000 free but a far more reasonable $100 free plus an additional 70 free spins (to get 20 more free spins sign-up via, that are distributed in increments of 10 on your first 7 days. Winnings on free spins do not require players to meet wagering requirements to release winnings either.

Featuredimage Quick Reviews of 3 of the Best Online Casino Games Today - SkyCity Online Casino (Update for 2022)- Making Waves in the NZ Online Casino Market

A safe online casino

SkyCity Aukland was opened in 1996 and has been servicing New Zealanders for the past 24 years. The casino was refurbished in 2013 to make it the most modern land based casino in NZ. The SkyCity brand and logo were redeveloped in 2019 to coinside with the lanch of their new online casino brand.

The tenure and continoius work on building and improving the SkyCity brand add a huge amount credence to SkyCity Online Casino being credited with the status as NZ’s safest online casino platform. The active role SkyCity has taken in helping the New Zealand government address the lack of online gambling regulation should also be taken into account when looking determining the safety and security of playing at the SkyCity online casino.

How to play at SkyCity Online

Going directly to the SkyCity casino webiste will allow players to signup and play at the online casino but after doing a little more research we have determined that the best way to at SkyCity casino online is to go via the website and signup via the link on that site. This will ensure that you get an additional 70 free spins on top of the standard $100 welcome bonus.

The future of online casinos in NZ

SkyCity are pushing for a comprehensive bill to regulate online casino games in New Zealand that will help protect Kiwi players and ensure that profits made from New Zealands are taxed in New Zealand. This will add a large amount of money to the tax man’s coffers and protect local online casino players from preditory practices.

There have also been moves to ban the use of credit cards as payment methods at online casinos in the UK and Australia in recent months with New Zealand expected to follow suit soon. This is a great move to protect problem gamblers from spending more than they can afford to gamble.

Featuredimage 2 of the Most Awarded and High Rated Online Slot Machines 840x385 - 2 of the Most Awarded and High-Rated Online Slot Machines

There are countless wonderful online slot machines. But some stand taller. They pay out much more. They are bigger, better, more popular, higher rated and more awarded. These are two of them.

Mega Fortune

The Mega Fortune slot machine by NetEnt is arguably the most popular progressive jackpot slot on the web. It currently holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest casino jackpot ever paid, approximately 20 million dollars.

Postimage 2 of the Most Awarded and High Rated Online Slot Machines Mega Fortune - 2 of the Most Awarded and High-Rated Online Slot Machines

On average, the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot is won every 70 days, and the payout typically reaches over 4 million dollars.

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting online slot machines to play. It doesn’t hurt that it offers you a multitude of ways to boost your payouts.

When playing Gonzo’s Quest you should keep the following ruling principle in mind: to hit bigger winnings, you need to bet bigger amounts. Why? Because often in the game, you get the chance of multiplying your line bets when you land at least three identical icons on that specific payline.

Postimage 2 of the Most Awarded and High Rated Online Slot Machines Gonzos Quest - 2 of the Most Awarded and High-Rated Online Slot Machines

Should you get a total of five symbols with the blue and gold face, Gonzo’s Quest pays you 2,500 times your bet. This is the online slot’s highest paying opportunity.

Another incredibly lucrative feature of Gonzo’s Quest is the Avalanche bonus. Rather than triggering free spins, this bonus shows different symbols falling into place.

Whenever you win, those symbols explode and open the space for more to fall. This method allows you to scoop numerous successive winnings from one single bonus round. And with each avalanche, the multiplier increases.

If you are someone who loves playing online slot machines, you absolutely need to be familiar with these two mammoth selections. Don’t miss out on the best of the best!

Featuredimage 5 Gameplay Innovations that Make a Casino Game the Best of the Best 840x385 - 5 Gameplay Innovations that Make a Casino Game the Best of the Best

Gameplay is everything. The features of a certain game will dictate if you see it as the best of the best or just one more option from the bunch. Here are five gameplay features that instantly improve the overall quality of an online casino game.

Progressive jackpots

When you play at a progressive machine, you are automatically linked to an accumulative money jackpot than can be won by any player across a multitude of slots. The potential winnings are enormous.

Nowadays, games such as Mega Fortune or Mega Moolah can instantly turn anyone into a millionaire. It definitely adds much more excitement to the overall gameplay. Most online casinos operating today offer progressive jackpots.

Postimage 5 Gameplay Innovations that Make a Casino Game the Best of the Best Live dealers - 5 Gameplay Innovations that Make a Casino Game the Best of the Best

Live dealers

This gameplay innovation undoubtedly makes the wagering experience a lot more immersive and thrilling. It’s as if you are playing at an actual land-based casino, interacting with the other gamblers, the tables and the dealers.

These live dealer games are broadcast to your desktop with High Definition quality. In today’s online gambling landscape, most sites have varying options of catering to visitors who want to try out the live dealer experience.

Mobile casinos

It can’t be denied that most online gamblers nowadays prefer to play on their smartphones, rather than sticking to the web browser. It is essential for developers and operators to constantly keep that demand in mind.

The swift and unprecedent rise in the use of smart phones, aligned with the impressive leaps in technological developments over the last few years, means that players can now enjoy the opportunity of gambling on the go.

Postimage 5 Gameplay Innovations that Make a Casino Game the Best of the Best mobile casino - 5 Gameplay Innovations that Make a Casino Game the Best of the Best

Entire online casinos and games are being redesigned and adjusted to fit perfectly and run seamlessly on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Also, besides investing on creating a top-notch web platform, providers are now required to come up with cutting-edge downloadable apps.

3D games

Along with the fast and stunning progress in terms of mobile and computer technology, the evolution of graphics is also incredibly striking.

Often today, the state-of-the-art graphics are the main attraction of an online casino game, with many already offering players astounding 3D displays. In order to be consistent with the over-the-top graphics, most characters and storylines are now much more engaging, intricate and interactive.

Take Jungle Jim: El Dorado as an example. This beautiful Microgaming adventure features characters and scenery created with CGI, in a way that makes the gambling experience immeasurably richer and more worthwhile. Your desire to dive deeper into the story and to win big will only increase as you go along this fantastic 3D game.

Multi-screen slots

Unlike what happens at a land casino, at a gambling site you can switch between games as much as you want without having to move. To make it even better, many online casinos now provide users with the opportunity to play more than one title at once, while they take advantage of the multiple screen features.

This option is mostly used for playing slot machines, but also to upgrade your gameplay when venturing into the stake tables, such as poker. When you resort to multiple screens to play a game, you increase your changes of scooping rewards and contribute to provide ample playtime for more users.

You know what to do now. Go on the lookout for games with these features!

Featuredimage The 2 Best Games to Play in a Casino 840x385 - The 2 Best Games to Play in a Casino

Online or offline, these are the two casino games that pay out more!


Of all the games you can play in a casino, blackjack is the one with the lowest house edge. As a result, your odds of winning a blackjack game are significantly higher than the average.

You only need to find a blackjack table with a clear set of rules and apply a basic playing strategy. By assuring that, the house edge can stand as low as 0.3%. Sometimes, you will find video poker games that grant a similarly low house edge, but none of them beat the percentage you can benefit from in blackjack.

Postimage The 2 Best Games to Play in a Casino Blackjack - The 2 Best Games to Play in a Casino

To put it in perspective, even the less favorable blackjack games tend to offer a house edge of merely 1%. Luckily for you, there is no need to figure out what is the correct basic strategy for every single hand in blackjack. You can easily find numerous reliable and in-depth guides on the web.

Did you know that you are allowed to take a printout strategy table to the casino and use it while you play your blackjack rounds? Obviously, we recommend that you always employ a strategy. But even if you decide not to and play along as you follow your guesses, the losses are not irrecoverable. You lose between 1.5 and 3 percent for each hand.

Another advantage is that blackjack is one of the few casino games which are not entirely up to luck. A player who puts in the time, the work and the brains can get a serious edge, by resorting, for instance, to the card counting technique.

Video poker

In a video poker game, the odds are simulated as if you are playing with an actual deck of cards. So, as you know the exact number of a specific card in a deck, for example, 4 aces, you are able to calculate the odds of getting the cards you need.

Postimage The 2 Best Games to Play in a Casino Video poker - The 2 Best Games to Play in a Casino

This is very different from what happens in slot machines, where there is no way of predicting the likelihood of a specific icon landing on the reels. With video poker, you have the information at your disposal.

Therefore, you can calculate the payback percentage for a machine. You only need to multiply the odds of getting a particular hand by its corresponding payout. When you follow and adequate strategy, the payback percentage of the best video poker games, such as Jacks or Better, can reach over 99%.

You know what to do! Make blackjack and video poker your go-to casino games!