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Voodoo Open Alpha.
You are on the verge of stepping into an all-out survival and civilization building experience in Voodoo. On January 1st, our Kickstarter Campaign for Voodoo came to a successful end and we welcomed the Alpha Tribe into the Blood Lands, where players could test combat mechanics against each other and against a colossus known as the Izimu. There was even an in-game treasure hunt! Today, we’re happy to invite more fans into Voodoo’s Open Alpha!

>> Pick Up Your Open Alpha Key for Voodoo

 For everybody who has supported us and kept the momentum alive on this project, Voodoo’s Open Alpha is for you! You can get immediate access by heading over to IndieGala and picking up your Open Alpha Steam Key. There are a limited number so act fast if you want in. Here are a few important things to keep in mind.


-Voodoo’s Open Alpha will last for approximately 30 days.

-At the end of the Open Alpha, the Steam keys will be DEACTIVATED.

-Kickstarter backers DO NOT need to obtain an Open Alpha key.

-For any questions/problems please feel free to reach out to us via our Community Hub.


We’re releasing this open alpha to introduce more players to the world of Voodoo. Kickstarter backers’ keys will provide access to the full release and will last forever so there is no need to grab Open Alpha keys. We do, however, encourage our Alpha Tribe to invite their friends to participate in this alpha and explore the new and improved world of Voodoo. Let’s talk about the updates!

A Peek Into Voodoo’s Latest Updates…

 –Weapons: All the weapons available in the game are now obtainable! This means more creative ways for you to defend and attack!

Towers: Do you need a vantage point to pick off your enemies? There are now mountable towers in Voodoo!

Animals: The flora and the fauna are now living and breathing!

Resource Management: Survival is all about resources. Find and use yours wisely.

Game Map: Voodoo’s entire game map is now complete so go out there and discover!

Collectibles: Wander the world and discover what it has to offer you!


 As usual, have lots of fun in our Open Alpha but please don’t forget to send us feedback to help us improve the game. If you see us in-game, we come in peace… or not!

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Get Pre-Alpha Access to Voodoo on Kickstarter

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A few seconds ago… Oh, wait. Was it hours? — We launched a Kickstarter campaign for Voodoo! I guess something just got us into that all-or-nothing mood. 2017 is around the corner. On our calendar that tells us that very soon we’re supposed to get a game onto Steam! This is what is on our mind…

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Join us in our Final Survival Round This Weekend

Some of our YouTube friends and some of us here (who prefer not to be named) are going to be having a final survival round this weekend. Why do you say “final”? Because from next week this build will no longer be online 🙁

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But there will be something even better… What? The answer is just below this neat key configuration 🙂


Support us on Kickstarter!


By the way, this diagram here is for all the earlier players who were left wondering how people got all the way up that tower!


An Open-World In Primal Africa Awaits…

So, we’ve been able to review the combat mechanics through the first playtest that’s been going on for about two weeks. We’ve had a lot of great feedback. There are still some fixes to be made but we’re comfortable that it won’t affect experimenting with more parts of Voodoo‘s world. This is kind of why we dared to launch this Kickstarter campaign!

. Support Voodoo on Kickstarter!

There’s an African proverb that says “To get lost is to learn the way”. We’re inviting you to get lost in Voodoo‘s world. We on the other hand — we’ll get lost in finishing the rest of the game. (And all these bug fixes!)


Support Voodoo On Kickstarter!

. Support Voodoo on Kickstarter!

Support Voodoo on Kickstarter!

Now it’s more than a question of manners. We’re not sure we can say “thank you” enough times to the people who are joining us on this crazy journey of ours. We’ve still got a ways to go but today was primal! Some amazing backers got us to over €1,500 within an hour!


Okay, well we’re going to get back to campaigning so we make sure this project comes out as supercool as it’s supposed to. In the next few days, expect quite a few updates and a breakdown on some of the Kickstarter reward tiers. Pretty cool, in our humble opinion! Check them out here >>


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An amazing new year with Brain in the Box!


After a period of press blackout we are happy to announce that Brain in the Box is the readiest ever. We are in collaboration with IndieGala and with a load of other news that we can’t wait to show you!

Voodoo is coming.

Happy New Year for everyone!  2016 will be a primitive year!

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