Voodoo Closed-Beta Highlights, Gameplay, and More!



Wow! So we have some amazing Voodoo closed-beta highlights to share! Earlier this week, way before we had ever planned, we opened up our closed-beta 1.0 to a select group of playtesters. From feedback, to screenshots, to gameplay videos, here are just a few of our favorite closed-beta highlights from this week.

Voodoo Closed-Beta Highlights

(1) Gameplay Videos: So far most of you have only seen trailers, screenshots, and concept art from Voodoo. That’s why one of our favorite closed-beta highlights is the fact that lots of playtesters went on to make gameplay videos. Vezsstur created a video that (a) shows combat mechanics, (b) goes into some depth about what Voodoo has in store, and (c) is absolutely hilarious to watch! RODE 85’s video is quite analytical and Cryptic Hybrid created an exploratory video. Also, don’t miss KrazzykillaB’s video where he demonstrates his skill with our combat mechanics.


(2) Combat Feedback: We’re extremely delighted that our closed-beta 1.0, designed to test our combat system, was very well received. Our playtesters provided us with lots of positive feedback in Voodoo‘s community hub on Steam. Now that we’re comfortable with fighting mechanics and we know the improvements we have to make, we’re eager to move on to our closed-beta 2.0 in which gamers will finally be able to competitively battle the Izimu! Expect more closed-beta highlights on this soon too!


(3) Server Issues: Not all of our closed-beta highlights are positive though. We had server issues. As an indie studio developing an open-world multiplayer survival, we always knew this would be the case. We’ve implemented some short fixes but we’re looking into more solid ideas to address this once and for all. We’re actually thinking of launching a small Kickstarter campaign to get the funds we need for robust servers and to finish off some other cool extra features. Please let us know in the comments what you think about this or contact us with any other ideas you have.


As you can probably tell, we love interacting with you and we thrive on the feedback you give us! Please keep it coming and thanks for staying with us on this journey!

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Voodoo Steam Page Is Now Live!

Voodoo Steam page

Check out our Voodoo Steam page

We’re excited to announce that the Voodoo Steam page is now live! No, it’s nothing life-changing but at least you can go ahead and add us to your wishlist! It does make us realize how close we are to 2017 and how soon Voodoo will be available for everyone!

Coming Soon…

Yes. That (above) is what our Voodoo Steam page shows but that’s not what we’re talking about. You guessed it! In 6 days (November 14th) our closed-beta 1.0 begins! This is actually 3 days later than we originally intended but for technical reasons we need that delay. So far we’ve had over 8,500 stay-tuned subscriptions for Voodoo so we’re hoping that by the final phases of our closed-beta we’ll be seeing a lot of competition. We need to get ready to handle that!


We’re also eager to find out who we’re going to be crowning the “Izimu Awakener”. Yes, we’re still maintaining some mystery behind that title. A lot more information will be made public next week.

In case your curiosity isn’t satisfied, Jessica Erin Brown managed to squeeze some secrets out of us and then she published them on The Buttonsmashers! We’d like to warn you to be careful if you come across her while playing Voodoo. She may or may not be a friendly ;)


Th-th-thank You!

 We’re getting all jittery as we close in on the first deathmatch for Voodoo! But as nervous as we are we won’t forget our manners and we’d like to thank you for helping us get this far. Please show us some support on the Voodoo Steam page.


Lots of closed-beta players have been giving us valuable feedback and ideas. If we haven’t managed to say thank you privately, we just wanted you to know that we’re extremely grateful. At the same time, we’re still moving through the dozens of emails we received on our call-for-submissions and encourage you to keep sending in ideas.

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An amazing new year with Brain in the Box!



After a period of press blackout we are happy to announce that Brain in the Box is the readiest ever. We are in collaboration with IndieGala and with a load of other news that we can’t wait to show you!

Voodoo is coming.

Happy New Year for everyone!  2016 will be a primitive year!

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Brain in the Box joined T-Union



Finally Brain in the Box entred in T-Union wire! The organization of indipendent videogames developers in Italy, based in Turin. For more info visit the site http://t-union.it

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Voodoo – Announcement Trailer



Here we present the announcement trailer for our upcoming game: Voodoo, an open world sandox survival game set in a primitive africa with huge colossi!


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