Opening Call for Submissions for “Voodoo”

First of all, it’s been a wild ride so far! We started the year forging a new collaboration with IndieGala and later, at Gamescom, we were able to show our new trailer featuring an Izimu battle! Last month we won the Modena Nerd Indie Award and this month our tribe is going to Milan Games Week 2016 where we’ll be making our most exciting announcement yet!


We would never have done it without our fans and supporters and all the feedback you’ve given us. We’re overwhelmingly grateful and an Izimu-sized “Thank You!” to all of you!


Call For Submissions


We’ve got a short time left until the world of Voodoo opens up on Steam. This weekend we realized that we owe our survival thus far to collaboration. Now, we’d like to invite you to collaborate with us and make Voodoo an even more immersive experience than what we initially dreamed of. We know that survival is tribal, and together we can make this happen!


Below is a brief of submissions that we’re looking forward to receiving. You can just scroll to the bullet point that tickles your fancy!


Art: You’ve probably seen snapshots and videos of Voodoo. But what would you draw into this world? We’re looking for submissions that will show evidence of life. Ancient cave paintings, territorial insignia, ritualistic or ceremonial decor, et cetera! We’re not putting any definition or restriction to the kind of creative input we’d like to receive. We’re looking to include as many interesting items in the game as possible (and of course give credit where its due!). If you’re unsure, email us now with your idea! We’ll get in touch and take it from there!


Historical & Anthropological Facts: Like Roberto Digiglio, our studio’s Lead Artist said: “We’re just game developers.” We’re not trying to reproduce the story of civilization with 100% accuracy at all. We’re just trying to create a fun game in a setting not so well explored in the industry. While the gameplay of Voodoo is set in a fantasy primal Africa, we still want to capture interesting facts about real African history. Actually, we’re introducing a feature that we’ve codenamed “Mirror Stones”. These will be hidden collectibles scattered around the map that contain historical facts. The more of these stones a player collects, the smarter his/her tribe will become… More on that later! If you have any troves of knowledge that we can include in bite-sizes through our “Mirror Stones” then send in a submission now!


Technology & Entrepreneurship: Are you an African-based startup that’s created something really interesting? Simply send us your bio and we will include it in another collectible in our game that we’ve currently codenamed “Tech Stones”. Not only will players be able to learn about real African-based innovations through Voodoo, but tribes with more tech knowledge will have an advantage… The plot thickens, doesn’t it?!


Spoken Word: Any interesting literature on Africa that you’ve created? Prose? Poetry? Something inspiring? We’d like to link our (you guessed it) codenamed “Star Stones” to interesting pieces of written works that you’ve created or curated.



By now you’ve figured that this is actually more than a call-for-submissions. We’ve just unveiled a new element of gameplay here: the stones. But our devblog will have fuller explanation of these soon!


We’ll continue to update this brief with further details and instructions as we get feedback from you and start forming some standards.


For now, go tribal on the email We can’t wait to see your input!

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