Devblog 02 – The Map part I

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Hi there!
Today we are going to show you some developments about the creation of Voodoo’s map, and some of the 9 different biomes that you are going to find in the early access version.



This is the first version of the jungle, with the first underbrush. There are 18 different species of plants, comprehending Kapoks, Kompassias, Eucalyptus and Mangrovies. Here is a first glimpse. Soon we will be adding even more species of plants to create an always more alive and colourful environment.





The savannah is the environment on which we worked the most, made by open spaces with singular rocks. we focused the most on the combination of colours and on the most beautiful way to render the grass.





We focused on particles in the desert to give the impression of wind and flying sand and to give that sense of death and desolation that every desert gives.




…Oh, yes, we also started working on the gazzelle’s AI


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