Alpha Tribe’s Treasure Hunt & The Red Desert

Alpha Tribe

The Alpha Tribe Goes On A Treasure Hunt

If you’ve been following our Kickstarter campaign then you’ll know that this has been an exciting week for us! Earlier, we sent out members of the Alpha Tribe on a treasure hunt. By the way, “Alpha Tribe” is what we call our current Kickstarter backers who have brought us to over €12.2k EUR! We’re so grateful for all the continued support and it’s our pleasure to welcome new members to the Alpha Tribe everyday.

The Alpha Tribe Goes On A Treasure Hunt

Anyways, we were pumped to see our Steam community get stoked for the treasure hunt. The task we laid out wasn’t easy. Three “Venerated Treasures” had to be located within the game world. The first to find all three and post screenshots to Voodoo‘s Community Hub would be able to pick an item from any reward tier in our Kickstarter campaign!

The Alpha Tribe Goes On A Treasure Hunt

Alpha Tribe.

It was exciting for us to see the first players of our game go wild for a challenge we created. Not to mention, we knew that this treasure hunt could be interrupted abruptly by a run-in with an Izimu! However, although the player above (a Japanese gamer) didn’t feel confident about finding the last one — he eventually did!

The Treasure Hunter of the Alpha Tribe

uvcut259 is now honored as the “Treasure Hunter” of the Alpha Tribe for completing the challenge first! And for that, he gets to choose an item from any reward tier of his choosing! So, it’s obvious that it’s been a thrilling week for us.

The Alpha Tribe Goes On A Treasure Hunt

Our Alpha Tribe is slowly growing but this week we also started an initiative to help you join us in building it. Check out the details on our “Build Your Tribe” program and learn how you can have monuments erected in your honor within Voodoo‘s world for inviting new tribe members!

The Red Desert

When we started the Kickstarter campaign for Voodoo we told you that in the pre-alpha you would see the game develop beneath your very eyes. Well, head on over and find a juicy update about the game’s world map that we released late last night. The Red Desert. Get ready to put your feet in the sand and lots more fun stuff coming up soon!

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