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Support our Kickstarter Campaign and get Open Alpha Access

Grab Your Survival Gear & Step Into Voodoo’s Open Alpha!

Voodoo Open Alpha. You are on the verge of stepping into an all-out survival and civilization building experience in Voodoo. On January 1st, our Kickstarter

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Can "White Dudes" Make A Video Game About Africa?

Can “White Dudes” Make A Video Game About Africa?

Can “White Dudes” Make A Video Game About Africa? Admit it. When someone says “Italy” you think about pizza, The Renaissance, or something connected to

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Alpha Tribe

Alpha Tribe’s Treasure Hunt & The Red Desert

The Alpha Tribe Goes On A Treasure Hunt If you’ve been following our Kickstarter campaign then you’ll know that this has been an exciting week for

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Join the Voodoo Thunderclap!

Join The Voodoo Thunderclap!

.Join the Voodoo Thunderclap! It was only just a while ago that we were quite far from the goal of our Kickstarter campaign for Voodoo. But

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3 Colossal & Heroic Izimu Battle Videos

. Izimu battle videos Some of our Kickstarter campaign backers for Voodoo have already gone ahead to challenge the Izimu. They’ve created some amazing gameplay

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