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Can "White Dudes" Make A Video Game About Africa?

Can “White Dudes” Make A Video Game About Africa?

Can “White Dudes” Make A Video Game About Africa? Admit it. When someone says “Italy” you think about pizza, The Renaissance, or something connected to

Alpha Tribe

Alpha Tribe’s Treasure Hunt & The Red Desert

The Alpha Tribe Goes On A Treasure Hunt If you’ve been following our Kickstarter campaign then you’ll know that this has been an exciting week for

Join the Voodoo Thunderclap!

Join The Voodoo Thunderclap!

.Join the Voodoo Thunderclap! It was only just a while ago that we were quite far from the goal of our Kickstarter campaign for Voodoo. But


3 Colossal & Heroic Izimu Battle Videos

. Izimu battle videos Some of our Kickstarter campaign backers for Voodoo have already gone ahead to challenge the Izimu. They’ve created some amazing gameplay

Shadow of the Colossus vs. Voodoo

The Difference With Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus. . Since we launched our Kickstarter campaign, a lot of people have asked us what the difference is between Shadow of